2018/19 Coach Info - Safety meeting, Rescheduling games, Scores, Pitch counts

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Safety Meeting

Coaches must attend a mandatory safety meeting on 3/28/18 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Mammoth Lakes Community Center. Contact Lance Georgeson with any questions. 

Rescheduling Games

Games are to be rescheduled ONLY due to bad weather, and only if both coaches agree. Field availability is really tight and practices will still be happening. Reschedules not only disrupt another team’s practice and/or families who already have plans, but they also impact umpires and the snack shack schedule.

For a reschedule to happen, the following steps must be taken. Please get the other coaches’ contact information from Lance Georgeson.

It is up to the coaches to reschedule the games; not the board. 

1. Pick some dates for the new game.

2. Do not reschedule during BLACKOUT DATES: Memorial Weekend, (May 21 is MES Back to School Night – for younger players).

3. Check ALL 4 game schedules for field availability. You can also play games at Crowley and Whitmore (check high school baseball and softball schedules on the MHS website).T-ball teams may reschedule to play at the middle school or in the outfield during a farm or t-ball game (the ball never makes it that far). You’ll have to set up bases.

4. Email Michelle McMillian the new date, time, and field, and which game was rescheduled so she can enter it into League One.

5. Michelle will email the coaches when the new game has been updated in League One. Emails/texts will go out to the teams, but since they are sent from League One, they often end up in spam folders. Coaches should contact their players to alert them to the canceled/rescheduled game.

6. One coach must email Lance Georgeson about the game change so he can inform the team who has practice scheduled during the new game time.

7. For minors and majors –  Notify Mike Aguirre to cancel the umpire and schedule one for the new game time.

8. Notify the Women’s Club by texting or calling Marcia Burditt  760.914.1111  and Anna Allen 760.937.3328 of the game cancellation so they do not open the Snack Shack when there is no game.

Game Scores

Please email farm, minors and majors game scores to Michelle McMillian so we can track standings. Forfeits are recorded as 6-0.

First place trophies for farm, minors, and majors divisions will be awarded based on the scores that have been submitted to Michelle. Failure to submit scores will affect your standings.

Pitch Counts 

Minors and Majors teams are to keep track of pitch counts for all pitchers. After each game, compare and confirm the pitch counts with the other coach then send counts to all the coaches in your division.

Practice Fields:
Shady Rest – no practice on game days after the fields have been chalked.
Whitmore – there are 3 fields shared with high school varsity and JV baseball and high school softball. Most practices and games end by 5:30 on weekdays so fields are available after that. Some teams have started earlier without problems.
Check the Mammoth Unified School District calendar if you want to see if there are high school games going on.
Crowley – softball uses this field. They practice M,W, F. The field should be available those days after 5:30 and then open the rest of the week. The team has home games May 2, May 16, and May 25 at 5:30 so the field is not available on those days.
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