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Volunteers Needed for One Time Tasks

The Mono County Little League Board is made of parents like you who have families, jobs, and hobbies that keep them busy. They are also working hard to make the children’s baseball experience an enjoyable one. There are many time consuming, ongoing jobs the board members must work on for months in preparation of and during the baseball season.


Please help out by signing up for a ONE TIME TASK below. You do not need to attend any board meetings, but you do need to complete a Volunteer Application. Contact Antonette Ciccarelli to sign up or for more information.

Post Season Coordinator 8-9-10 Year Olds: helps with organizing event, ordering uniforms, player rosters, organizing team photo, etc. 

Post Season Coordinator 10-11-12 Year Olds: helps with ordering uniforms, player rosters, organizing team photo, etc.

Opening/Closing Day Coordinator 


Other Volunteer Jobs

Umpires - contact Neil McConnell

Coaches - contact Lance Georgeson

All contact information is in the "Board Members" section.


Board Members 

We need additional board members. We have unfilled positions (Treasurer, Uniform Coordinator, Player Agent, Equipment Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, etc.) and some of our board members did not return from last season. It is not a huge committment and you don't need to know anything about baseball... just be available to meet once a month December - June.


Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Dugout Parents, Helpers, etc.

If you help out in any way directly with the chidlren, you MUST complete a volunteer application form and submit it to coaches and/or board members. This includes working with the children during practices, helping as base coach during games, or getting the players organized in the dugout.



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